How I Quit my Job and entered into Pro Blogging – Part 1

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Hello Guys, Hope all of you doing well. This is my journey of quitting the job and entering into the blogging world which I think changed my life up to some extent and will be doing in upcoming years.

About Me:

I am Rahul Bhatia from Tehsil Safidon, District Jind, Haryana. While I am in my 10th, I am the type of Guy who wants to join Air Force and fulfill my dreams of serving the country with flying in a supersonic Jet.


After I complete my 12th class and joined SD Institute of Tech & Mgmt, Israna, Panipat in Electronic and Comm Engineering, I used the computer first-time in my life and that too my sister’s one.

Entering into self-employment is due to the bad monetary conditions of my family. My father has the spinal problem due to which he can’t do the work daily and have to rest for about months or sometimes 6 months which caused us some money problems.

Family Problems:

When I am in 10th class due to money problems in the family, I need some money to fulfill my little needs. So I decided to do something to earn some cash.

My First Job – Distributing Newspapers:

One of my classmates is distributing newspapers in our city and I approached him and asked that Can he join me there.

He takes me to the colony which is behind our colony from which distributing newspapers work was being done. As we are the old family in our city so most of the people know us.

After I joined the newspaper distributing work and that too in winter season. They used to pay 300 Rupees for distributing 100 newspapers in City and 500 for nearby villages.

After doing the work for some 7 days, I left that Job because that is not fulfilling my money problems.

This was my first job which definitely I considered for the not the type of people I am.

2nd Job -Distributing Bills:

My 2nd Job was distributing postpaid mobile bills of Airtel, Voda etc. This work look easy to me as it has no fixed timing. They are paying 3 Rs. for One bill reached to the destination and that too by taking the sign of the recipient.

So I distribute 100 bills in a week and earning 300 per week which was enough for me at that time in 2005.

3rd Job: Giving Tuition:

After I completed my 10th class and joined SD School in Panipat for 12th Class in Non-Medical, I came to know about making only email id.

In this time, I had left distributing bills and started giving tuitions to 10th class students at my home. That was the increment in my earning and as I making 3k-4k per month from 1k per month.

In B-Tech:

After I entered in B-tech in ECE branch in SDITM, Panipat till the first year I know nothing about computer. At this time I am still giving tuitions but this time to 12th students teaching Chemistry which is my favorite subject. I used to earn 5k this time.

In the 2nd year of B.Tech, I got Compaq Laptop which my parents have given to my Sister. As She graduated in BCA when I am in my 2nd year. So I got that old laptop and my Sister bought a new one for her.

When I got the laptop and I started taking full benefit of it and learning something new every day.

In June 2011, I came to know about website designing and at that Making website for me like ( in Hindi called – Hawooa).

So I decided to learn Website designing myself as I have a habit of learning thing myself without taking help of others unless I have not known anything in Advanced.

So I take a pledge to myself that I will learn Website Designing myself in 30 Days. Every day I came from college and give 2 hours to learn Website Designing.

At that, I was using W3schools to learn HTML and PHP.

After the final day means the 30th day of my pledge, I made my own website in HTML and Some PHP tweaks and Feel like achieved something big.

Although the website is just not formatted with CSS and looks no good. I need some more capability in this so I decided to save others website in computer and editing them with Dreamweaver.

Testing, Testing, and Testing made me learn something good.

“As we all know, knowledge is money.”

So I decided to use my half ability to design a website to earn some money.

That was in Sept 2011 when I started my own company named Matrix Webtex. You can search on the internet although domain not active now.

Now the question was How to find clients? What type of companies or people should I approach?

I came to know about Justdial who has a large database of India SME’s and some local businesses in every sector.

Now the Questions was How to approach or pitch them?

I used Way2Sms for sending messages by using one of my numbers. As all of us received daily so many messages which are called VAS services or Bulk SMS Services.

As I have no budget to spend on Bulk SMS, so I used Way2SMS.

I find the contact of easy targets which have no websites and can make one if convinced a little bit.

One thing was that What content to be used in Way2SMS in that 140 characters short message. I found some attractive messages that come on our mobiles and made one for myself from them.

I started targeting Educations Institute which provides Distance Learning Courses. I messaged them through Way2Sms and you will not believe that as I can’t believe, I received 7 contracts in my first week after sending messages.

That means I made a business of approx 50k in the first week.

This was the time when I entered into blogging world in Dec 2011.

Read part 2 of this in next post.


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